Reformer pilates

Reformer Pilates

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Pure reformer

Who doesn’t love pure reformer? This is a 55 mins class that uses the reformer to do exercises targeted to different muscle groups. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles using spring-based reformers for deeper muscle toning. We’ve got you sculpted!

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Jumpboard Reformer

This is a high intensity 55 mins class that helps increase your heart rate with the use of Jumpboard and other accessories. If you love cardio and you love Pilates, this is your go-to class.

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Fundamental Reformer

This class is for people who have limited Pilates experience, or haven’t been doing Pilates in the past few months. If it’s your first time on a reformer, instructors will walk you through the machine, the spring setup and the class structure. If it is not your first time, use the class to know more about Pilates exercises and learn how to engage your muscles in the right and proper way. We warn you, beginner doesn’t mean easy.



*We use Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers at our studio.