Stance offers private, duet, and group Pilates classes to help you achieve your goals and support your lifestyle. We believe that each Pilates session should be comprehensive and effective. Each Pilates session at Stance is engaging and results-driven.

 With our Pilates sessions, we train the body from head to toe, building strength evenly in both major and supporting muscle groups, while increasing flexibility, stability, balance, endurance, coordination, mobility and range of motion.

 Get a sculpted physique with long and lean muscles. Pilates tones the arms, back, tummy, hips, legs, and backside, while increasing metabolism and helping you lose weight.

 Create a strong mind-body connection; relieve stress and improve mental clarity and focus.

 Pilates creates awareness within your own body, helping you move better and with more ease, helping eliminate aches and pains, including low back pain, while improving your posture and alignment

 Pilates is a low-impact and weight-bearing exercise, keeping your knees and joints free of wear and pain, while maintaining bone density.

 Pilates benefits individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels, including those who have never worked out before.